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Watch A Lifelike Portrait Of Emma Watson Come Alive In This Artist's Timelapse


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For his latest project, Gonsalves decided to capture a celebrity he had drawn before but wanted to revisit – Emma Watson.

She’s a constant inspiration to people. Her work for the U.N. and the "He for She" programme is setting a really great example for people. I’m pretty sure Hermione was my first crush growing up, and Emma kinda still is,” he said.

This time around, he uploaded a video of the entire process of how he brings his creations to life.

Facebook: video.php

"I slowly started getting better at it, and people started doubting the authenticity of what I was doing, so I started recording my process and hopefully help people starting out so that they can see how I do what I do. I'm still in the process of learning it though," Gonsalves told BuzzFeed.