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This Photo Series Completely Ignored Different Gender Identities, And It's Amazing

Wear whatever the hell you want, yo.

New Delhi photographer Bikramjit Bose did a photo series titled “Ungender,” intended to break down gender roles and expectations.

The series features regular people who believe in free and fluid gender expression, free of stereotypes.

The stylists for the shoot were Nidhi Jacob (Mumbai) and Arushi Parakh (New Delhi). Hair and makeup was done by Sandhya Shekar.

“I did it because the subject really piqued my interest. I had been pondering over the subject of gender neutrality and androgyny for sometime,” Bose told BuzzFeed.

Bose was approached to do the project by Elle India, and he admitted that he was on board immediately.

“It was challenging, only in the sense that most of the subjects were real people (not models) who had little or no experience in front of a camera.”

“You have no idea what the end result will be,” he said.

“You’re constantly pushing the person to break out of his/her inhibitions and drop their guard a little. Even if it is for a moment, and hopefully you’re present enough to capture it."

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