Finally, To Settle Our Age-Old Debate, Two Dudes Live-Tweeted An Uber Vs. Rickshaw Race

And now you know.

1. BBC’s travelling unit, BBC Pop-Up arrived in India on April 1, and has since been documenting the sights and sounds in different parts of the country.

2. And today, they decided to hold a fun little contest, between an auto rickshaw and an Uber to see which could navigate through Delhi the fastest.

3. The BBC live-tweeted the entire race and the rivalry was intense.

5. The Uber had a rocky start, and the rickshaw decided to take full advantage.

6. But just a few minutes later, the Uber began to pick up the pace, and sped past the rickshaw

Just started Uber/rickshaw race across #Delhi. My Uber is already driving 2x as fast as the rickshaws on the road!

— Matt Danzico (@mattdanzico)

7. But of course, rickshaws are sneaky motherfuckers. They know all the fastest routes…

My tuk tuk driver took a turn into a narrow lane, saying its a faster route! @mattdanzico - I think tuk tuk is winning this one!

— Vikas Pandey (@BBCVikas)

8. And can navigate through traffic much better than cars.

So confident just moments ago in the Uber/rickshaw race. But now stuck in traffic and rickshaws weaving past my car!

— Matt Danzico (@mattdanzico)

Pedestrians walking past my Uber. @BBCVikas, I'll still beat you! Somehow... Delhi traffic just too much for a car 😭

— Matt Danzico (@mattdanzico)

10. People got super invested in the race towards the end.

@BBCpopup @BBCWorld @BBCVikas @mattdanzico I'm voting Rickshaw!

— Zoe Dedes (@_zoitsa)

11. But the end result was a predictable one.

Congrats @BBCVikas. Your rickshaw won. My car service followed GPS and went to the wrong place. Asking locals 4 help

— Matt Danzico (@mattdanzico)

12. And BBC had to declare a winner.

So @BBCVikas defeats @mattdanzico's #Uber. Autorickshaw still king of #Delhi roads!

— BBC Pop Up (@BBCpopup)

13. Gulshan is best.

Rickshaw wins! Gulshan, my rickshaw driver, is pleased to beat @mattdanzico and his Uber!@BBCIndia @BBCpopup

— Vikas Pandey (@BBCVikas)

14. Yep.

@BBCpopup @mattdanzico we'll try our best to not disappoint you in the next round. @BBCVikas

— Uber India (@Uber_India)

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Andre Borges is a social news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Mumbai.
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