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    Finally, To Settle Our Age-Old Debate, Two Dudes Live-Tweeted An Uber Vs. Rickshaw Race

    And now you know.

    BBC's travelling unit, BBC Pop-Up arrived in India on April 1, and has since been documenting the sights and sounds in different parts of the country.

    And today, they decided to hold a fun little contest, between an auto rickshaw and an Uber to see which could navigate through Delhi the fastest.

    The Uber vs rickshaw race is on! Follow @BBCVikas and @mattdanzico across #Delhi to see which transport is faster.

    The BBC live-tweeted the entire race and the rivalry was intense.

    The upcoming tuk tuk/Uber race is already heating up here in #Delhi. We're en route to the start.

    BBC Pop UP tuk tuk is good to go! #BBCpopup #bbcpopindia

    The Uber had a rocky start, and the rickshaw decided to take full advantage.

    .@mattdanzico seems to be struggling in his Uber to match my rickshaw. Go tuk tuk! bbcpopup @BBCIndia @BBCIndia

    But just a few minutes later, the Uber began to pick up the pace, and sped past the rickshaw

    Just started Uber/rickshaw race across #Delhi. My Uber is already driving 2x as fast as the rickshaws on the road!

    But of course, rickshaws are sneaky motherfuckers. They know all the fastest routes...

    My tuk tuk driver took a turn into a narrow lane, saying its a faster route! @mattdanzico - I think tuk tuk is winning this one!

    And can navigate through traffic much better than cars.

    So confident just moments ago in the Uber/rickshaw race. But now stuck in traffic and rickshaws weaving past my car!

    Pedestrians walking past my Uber. @BBCVikas, I'll still beat you! Somehow... Delhi traffic just too much for a car 😭

    People got super invested in the race towards the end.

    @BBCpopup @BBCWorld @BBCVikas @mattdanzico I'm voting Rickshaw!

    But the end result was a predictable one.

    Congrats @BBCVikas. Your rickshaw won. My car service followed GPS and went to the wrong place. Asking locals 4 help

    And BBC had to declare a winner.

    So @BBCVikas defeats @mattdanzico's #Uber. Autorickshaw still king of #Delhi roads!

    Gulshan is best.

    Rickshaw wins! Gulshan, my rickshaw driver, is pleased to beat @mattdanzico and his Uber!@BBCIndia @BBCpopup


    @BBCpopup @mattdanzico we'll try our best to not disappoint you in the next round. @BBCVikas

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