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    Twitter Mercilessly Trolled Shivraj Singh Chouhan For A Photo Of Men Carrying Him Through Floods

    The floods have affected the lives of thousands in the region, and 17 people have lost their lives.

    On August 21, ANI News uploaded this image of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan while he was visiting the flood affected areas in the state.

    Via Twitter: @ANI_news

    The image shows Chouhan being carried by police officers through the deluge that's been affecting the state this monsoon.

    As soon as the image went online, it went viral with many Twitter users being outraged by the privilege afforded to politicians.

    And the fact that politicians don't actually care about the people who are affected by the floods.

    Chouhan stated that he had hurt his foot, and that's why he was being carried, but people were quick to express their outrage.

    And of course, the trolling began:

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