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15 Times Ranveer Singh Gave Literally No Fucks

None. Zero. Nada. Nil.

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1. When he really DGAF about Sonakshi getting a nice picture.

2. When he didn't give a fuck about his health and live-tweeted his surgery.

3. When he said fuck it, and answered the most important question during a chat with his fans.

4. When he displayed his negligence of givable fucks and recreated this amazing music video.

Via Facebook: video.php

He took up Hrithik Roshan's challenge to outdo Pakistani pop star Taher Shah’s iconic 2013 single “Eye to Eye”.

5. When he gave no fucks about traffic jams and decided to dance in the middle of one.

6. When he gave no fucks about other people's feelings.

And literally everything else he did at the IIFA Awards.

And literally everything else he did at the IIFA Awards.

7. When, among other things, he gave no fucks about getting intimate with Karan Johar at AIB's roast.

8. Every time he goes clothes shopping and forgets all his fucks at home.

STRDEL / AFP / Getty Images

9. Every time he started getting dressed, but then ran out of fucks, and wore chappals with his suits.

10. When he randomly started dressing up as characters from old movies, to show the world that he never ever gave any fucks.

11. When he, having run out of fucks, decided to play several roles in one Dubsmash.

12. When he beat up this fake shark for a Rupa Frontline ad while giving no fucks.

13. When he ran out of fucks to give about conventions and rules, and asked India to start talking about sex.

14. When he gave no fucks and dressed up as whoever the fuck this is.

15. And when he made this heartfelt declaration.