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Thousands Are Sharing This Inspirational Story By An Amputee Who's A National Athlete

Since losing her leg four years ago, Manasi Joshi has won India several international badminton awards, worked as a software engineer, and learned scuba diving.

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On December 9, "Humans Of Bombay" uploaded a Facebook post about Manasi Joshi, which within an hour, had more than 1,000 shares.

In the post, Joshi explains that after a horrific accident, her leg had to amputated. She didn't blame the driver, and after her leg was taken away from her, she accepted her fate.

Since losing her leg, she has played badminton at a national level, winning several awards for India including a silver medal in the Para Badminton World Championship held in England this year.

She trains five hours a day, works as a software engineer, and is currently finishing training in scuba diving.

People have been flooding the post with supportive comments.

She said, “When people ask me, ‘how do you do so much?’ I just ask one question — ‘what’s stopping you?’”

BuzzFeed has contacted Manasi Joshi, and is awaiting her reply.