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People Are Calling This Cabbie A Hero After Reading About How He Saved A Woman From Drunk Men

Not all heroes wear capes.

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The cabbie explained that at around 12:30 A.M., a woman was walking through some dingy lanes, looking anxious, when a group of drunken guys pursued her down the street.

"They then began to actively chase her and I was still across the street -- so as a reflex I decided to start honking continuously. The noise created enough alarm, because they were startled and immediately ran away in the other direction. I crossed over, and told that girl that I would drop her home -- she was so terrified, she had gone completely pale. We drove in silence for those 2-3 minutes....her house was just around the corner, but when she stepped outside, she caught both my hands, started weeping and thanked me over and over again".


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