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    This Woman Re-Read "Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince" And Then Made Felix Felicis With Old Monk

    Accio Felix shot.

    This is Shirin Mehrotra, a freelance food and travel blogger based in Mumbai.

    Shirin Mehrotra

    And for the last few months she's been working on a project called "Literary Kitchen" in which she reads books and tries to recreate edible items from them.

    "I love reading, writing and cooking and wanted to bring all of them together to create something fun for the blog. That's when I thought of the idea of cooking one dish from every book I read this year, style it the way I imagine it in the book and write about it," Mehrotra told BuzzFeed.

    Recently, Mehrotra re-read Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince, and decided to try and recreate Felix Felicis more commonly known as Liquid Luck.

    She used a pretty simple method and readily available ingredients to create an edible (booze-filled) version of the infamous potion.

    Shirin Mehrotra


    Dark rum – 60ml

    Palm jaggery syrup – 2tsp

    Orange bitters – 2-3 drops

    Lime juice – ½ tsp

    Cinnamon powder – a pinch

    Water/Soda/Rosé wine


    1. Take all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake well

    2. Pour the mix in a glass and top it up with water, soda or Rose wine and gulp it down

    Mehrotra told BuzzFeed: "It took a while to put the ingredients together in my head and zero in on the flavour that I wanted. I was pretty sure of using Old Monk 'cause I love it. Once I had the idea in place it wasn't difficult to make it."


    There won't be any magical effects. Unless you count being drunk. Which you totally should.

    Warner Bros.

    Unfortunately, she's not taking party orders.



    Mehrotra explained that she will continue doing this for all the books she reads this year. You can follow her exploits here.