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This Tinder Parody Scathingly Mocks Conservative Indian Matrimony Stereotypes

"Do not show: Feminists and independent women."

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Rajesh Rajamani, a Chennai-based ex-banker, runs Inedible India, a webcomic series that offers sociopolitical satire on our society. He just uploaded a series called "Tinder For Desi Men".

"It's supposed to be a satire on how Indian men date using modern technology but whose values are still deeply ingrained in caste and patriarchy. I used screenshots of Tinder and made changes to it in such a way that Indian men might ideally prefer it," he added. The series uses vintage Ravi Varma and Kalighat paintings to accentuate the satire, explained Rajamani.

Obviously, there would be a setting for the purest of the pure.

And the discovery setting would allow you to weed out the pesky feminists and highlight only women who are fair enough to warrant a man's attention.

As soon as you get a match, there are various approaches you can take apart from simply just chatting with them.

Although the conversations will probably stay vastly the same.

Happy swiping.