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This Parody-Matchmaking Site Calls Out Problematic Customs In Arranged Marriages

Judged on caste, religion, ethnicity, movie tastes, food tastes, toothpastes, etc.

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Manu Ganji, a Hyderabad-based freelance software developer, recently launched Judgmental Matrimony, a satirical take on a matrimonial website.


The website takes an honest look at arranged marriage customs. "Too many questions that concern either parties in Indian matrimony originate from a prejudice for other humans than from valid reasons," Ganji told BuzzFeed.

"Like NRI parents who don't stop at judging the groom but go beyond and judge even the technology he works in."


Ganji admitted that when he'd share some of these stories on Facebook, he'd get good response from his friends. And this is what inspired him and his friend Krishna to make the website.