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A Man Allegedly Threw Semen At This Woman While She Was On Her Way To Work

"I felt something on my leg."

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"I was horrified to find semen sticking to my skin and my immediate reaction was to wipe it off," she told BuzzFeed.

Via Facebook: mehaksabat

"In the past I have had men peer into the auto and throw water so I thought something similar had happened this time too," she said.


As soon as the incident happened, she tweeted about it...

What kind of a sick man throws his semen at women?! I don't know if I am more angry or repulsed. Some of you men never fail to disappoint!

She also mentioned that, although this was definitely a first, she's faced harassment a lot of times before, and it's probably not going to stop anytime soon.

Because colouring my hair is a bigger crime than a man flinging his semen at me.