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    There's A Huge-Ass Bollywood-Themed Amusement Park Coming To Dubai

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    Bollywood Parks, Dubai, is the first ever and most elaborate Bollywood-themed park in the world.

    The park will be part of Dubai Parks and Resorts, and will open for business later this year in October. But in the meanwhile, here's a sneak peak at what to expect:

    There's a replica of Mumbai's Victoria Terminus station, and the train is actually a ride.

    There's going to be a ride based on Shah Rukh Khan's Don, in which you can totally be part of the chase sequence.

    There's a Sholay-themed family ride.

    There's a Lagaan section with a ferris wheel, and a rollercoaster that will take you through scenes of the film.

    There's a massive theatre that will host four shows a day in which 65 actors and dancers will take to the stage to entertain the crowds.

    The Dabangg part of the park boasts a massive stadium in which professionals will recreate some of the stunts.

    One of the parks most ambitious attractions is the CineMagic area, where you can try to make a Bollywood movie yourself.

    And of course, there's a hall dedicated to Bollywood's biggest and best superheroes.

    You can watch everything come to life here:

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