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    Here's Why There's A Life-Size Anaconda On A Street In Bengaluru

    When it comes to potholes, this anaconda don't want none.

    On Sunday, The Namma Bengaluru Foundation (NBF), an organisation working to make Bengaluru one of the best governed cities in the world, planted an anaconda on a road riddled with potholes.

    Arjun / 7 edge

    The anaconda installation shows the massive snake sticking its head out of a deep pothole filled with water, while clasping a severed hand in its mouth.

    Arjun / 7 Edge
    Arjun / 7 Edge

    "We wanted to bring to notice of the aspiring corporators who will be contesting for the upcoming local body elections – BBMP elections to take note of the issues of garbage management, potholes in the road, unsafe manholes, and footpaths and rampant encroachment of lakes," CEO Sridhar Pabbisetty of Namma Bengaluru Foundation told BuzzFeed in an email.

    The installation was done by Pushparaj, a graduate from Chitrakala Parishat in Bengaluru.

    Arjun / 7 Edge

    The planning and ideation of the project took about four weeks, and the actual installation took a week to be completed.

    Arjun / 7 Edge

    The first NBF project was of a woman asking for help while drowning in a pothole.

    Arjun / 7 Edge

    This isn't the first time people have used art to protest the potholes in the city. In June, an artist placed a life-size crocodile model in a huge pothole.

    Manjunath Kiran / Getty Images

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