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This Is Not A Photo Of Kendall Jenner, It's Actually A Painting By An Indian Artist

This is going to make you double-take, trust me.

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For years now, Goa-based architect and artist Nehaal Gonsalves has been creating amazingly realistic drawings of celebrities.

Nehaal Gonsalves
Nehaal Gonsalves

Gonsalves told BuzzFeed that he does all of his art digitally, with a graphic tablet and a "really banged-up laptop".

Gonsalves garnered a lot of attention in early 2016 for a super-realistic drawing of Emma Watson and the time-lapse of the process from start to finish.

Nehaal Gonsalves

He recently finished his latest strikingly accurate rendition of a celebrity – Kendall Jenner. Firstly, here's the original photo:

And here's Gonsalves' drawing.

People can't believe it's an actual drawing.

Which is super fair. I mean, there's literally no difference.

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Gonsalves also uploaded a time-lapse of his Jenner drawing to dispel any notions that his process isn't authentic.

Facebook: nehaal.gonsalves

You can check out the rest of Gonsalves' art here.