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    This Photo Shoot With A Pregnant Woman As A Model Is Absolutely Stunning

    "It was wonderful to come together as a community and be proud of being pregnant and Indian and showing it off."

    The Big Fat Indian Wedding, a blog about South Asian weddings from around the world, recently uploaded an Indian inspired maternity shoot which gave us life (literally).

    Shhivika Chauhan / Via

    Preeti Moberg, who runs the blog, was the star model of the shoot and told BuzzFeed that she wanted to feel like a bride with a little added baggage of a belly.

    "When it came time to plan my own maternity shoot, I envisioned sparkles, henna, and flowers in a dreamy place inspired by wedding photography aesthetics," Moberg said.

    Upset that there were only a handful of maternity photos of Indian women out there, Moberg decided that even though they aren't traditionally part of Indian culture, there should be more than 10 pictures for inspiration.

    Shhivika Chauhan / Via

    The beautiful shoot took place at a New England style event house called The Lighthouse at Glen Cove in Vallejo, California.

    Shhivika Chauhan / Via

    "No wedding is complete without mehndi so henna artist Darcy Vasudev of Henna Lounge did the hands, feet, and belly. You could tell baby was so excited, he kicked the entire time she did the mehndi," Moberg said.

    "We spent two months planning the photo shoot. We had the opportunity to do something out of our traditional scope and do what we wanted," Moberg told BuzzFeed.

    Shhivika Chauhan / Via

    While she was nervous about how the Indian community would react to the shoot, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

    "It was wonderful to come together as a community and be proud of being pregnant and Indian and showing it off," she added.

    Here are all the people that were involved with the shoot:

    Shhivika Chauhan Photography, Fleur de Farine, Nud Ink, Amy Eimer, Creative Collaborations, April Foster Artistry, and Henna Lounge

    You can view the rest of the amazing photos here.

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