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    This Guy's Epic Rant About Gems Packets Having Too Little In Them Is What We're All Thinking

    Preach, bro. Preach.

    Comedian Raghav Mandava recently uploaded a video in which he explains that Gems was one of his favourite treats growing up.

    He went on to say that as an adult he bought the ₹5 packet and was super disappointed by the amount of Gems he got.

    He then went and bought the ₹20 box (which is shaped like a truck for some reason) to see the difference.

    And well comparatively, you get even less than what you'd get if you bought four of the ₹5 packets.

    And with the ₹40 "ball of Gems" you get a toy and even less Gems.

    FYI, this is the difference when you buy a packet of M&M's.

    This rant is for every one who has opened a Gems packet and hoped for more than just six of those delicious, delicious candies:

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