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    10 Nov 2015

    This Dude Selling Drugs On Facebook Made It Ridiculously Easy For Police To Catch Him

    How to Not Get Away With Anything at All, Season 1 Episode 1.

    This is Sushil Kumar Moosad, a Bengaluru-based techie, who created a Facebook Page called "Bangalore Cannabis" with the intention of selling marijuana online.

    Via Facebook: Bangalore

    This is a good time to remember that pot is completely illegal in India.

    He would often post statuses about the kind of stash he had and the pricing, and even had his contact information up on the page so potential buyers could call him.

    He seemed to be growing his own weed and, you guessed it, took every opportunity to make that information public.

    In addition to weed, he sold other drugs including LSD and mushrooms.

    According to the Bangalore Mirror, the cops busted Moosad after easily tracking him down through his Facebook Page.

    Via Facebook: Bangalore

    The report further states that they received a tip from an anonymous Facebook user. A cop from the City Crime Branch told Bangalore Mirror, "He had taken drug peddling to an altogether different level. He was using Facebook to lure his customers. He had posted pictures of himself smoking pot and had also given his contact details."

    Moosad even provided his phone number and address, probably so people could track him down easily.

    Via Facebook: Bangalore

    Unfortunately for him, the cops seemed to have uncovered that bit of information as well.

    The cops posed as potential customers, met him at Hebbal on Outer Ring Road, and arrested him after the transaction.

    Via Facebook: Bangalore

    They reportedly seized ₹30,000 worth of LSD blotters and 25g packets of marijuana, which Moosad was selling for about ₹500 to ₹3,000.

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Sushil Kumar Moosad, but since he's probably in jail, he hasn't responded yet.

    H/T Bangalore Mirror.

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