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    25 Sep 2015

    This Company Wants People To Work Out To Help Ganesh Get An Eight-Pack

    What a time to be alive.

    Last year was the first time Lord Ganesh graced the world with his toned physique and washboard abs.

    And this year, margarine maker Nutralite has decided to take it one step forward by presenting a holographic Ganapati...

    DDB Mudra Group

    In front of which devotees can exercise...

    DDB Mudra Group

    To get him to his fitness goal – an eight-pack.

    DDB Mudra Group

    "This is going to be India's first Lord Ganesh who would change shape and become fitter over 11 days with the help of his devotees. To help Lord Ganesh lose weight, devotees will need to work out at the pandal," a spokesperson told BuzzFeed India. There will also be a team of doctors, dietitians, and health counselors available at the pandal. Learn more here.

    Wow. 2015.

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