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17 Of The Most Non-Sanskaari Things To Ever Happen In India

Less fucks are being given, day-by-day.

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1. This mother embracing and accepting her transgender daughter's identity by gifting her one of her saris.

2. This woman's gorgeous photoshoot that shuts down the stigma around baby bumps.

Banga Studios Inc

3. These 14 beautiful, dark-skinned women shutting down conventional beauty standards by confidently confessing what they love about themselves.

Priyadarshini Ravichandran / The Soup

4. This badass bride who decided that wedding cars were too passé, so she entered her wedding wearing aviators and riding a frikkin’ Royal Enfield Bullet.

5. This woman who turned down an arranged marriage because the guy wanted her to get rid of her dog.

Karishma Walia

6. Ileana D’Cruz not sparing a single fuck to sanskaar with this modern Indian bride photoshoot.

Arjun Mark /

7. The first openly transgender couple tying the knot in Mumbai...

Aher Abheena via Facebook

8. And a resultant photoshoot which depicts their great and powerful love story.

Anu Pattnaik

9. This couple getting up in the middle of their wedding and performing a heavy metal set just because they wanted to.

Coffee Stains / Facebook:

10. These Instagrammers wearing badass makeup to decimate the idea that being sanskaari is part-and-parcel of being an Indian woman.

11. Actress Saloni Chopra's Instagram series that called out the ever-present construct of slut-shaming in India.

12. This mom who wanted to find a husband for her son, so she posted India's first "groom wanted" ad.

Harish Iyer / Mumbai Mirror

13. This politician’s mom savagely silencing a troll about having "free sex".

14. This woman who called out all the people who shamed her for staining her jeans while on her period.

15. This woman deciding not to blindly follow tradition, but instead asking her would-be husband a bunch of relevant questions before agreeing to an arranged marriage.

Nazreen Fazal

16. Sania Mirza perfectly responding to Rajdeep Sardesai's question about her "settling down".

17. And of course, this not so subtle mehendi.

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