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    The Daily Mail Unknowingly Just Dropped A Giant Piece Of Bollywood Gossip

    C'mon, guys.

    On Wednesday, the Daily Mail published a story about Novak Djokovic visiting a local haunt in Los Angeles with a "female companion".

    "The world number one tennis player appeared to have had a great night as he was pictured exiting the bar – popular among LA's A-lister set – in the dark hours of the evening with a female companion," the Daily Mail reported.

    But last we checked Padukone is happily dating Ranveer Singh, and Djokovic is happily married with a son.

    Photographer Group / Splash News
    Photographer Group / Splash News

    They further reported, "The world number one tennis player flashed the paps a cheeky grin before joining his impeccably turned-out friend in the back seat of a getaway car."

    Photographer Group / Splash News


    Str / AFP / Getty Images

    I mean, she's only one of Bollywood's biggest and most celebrated actresses...

    Str / AFP / Getty Images

    ...with almost 10 years' experience in the film industry and over two dozen film credits, most of which were box-office blockbusters.

    Red Chilli Entertainment
    MSM Motion Pictures

    And she's about to act in a Hollywood movie with Vin Diesel, Ruby Rose, and Nina Dobrev.

    How about we do a quick Google search next time, cool?

    Imaan Sheikh

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