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41 Things That Would Be Different If "How I Met Your Mother" Was In India

"Tatti kidhar hai?"

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1. Ted and Marshall wouldn't be able to get an apartment together as two single males.

2. MacLaren's would close at 1 a.m., so most of their adventures wouldn't even take place.

3. Ted would never have found Tracy's umbrella, because there's NO way anyone would leave their umbrella in the monsoons.

4. Lily would constantly ask "tatti kidhar hai?"

5. Barney's brother James would never be able to get married. #377

6. The goat would have never ended up in Ted's apartment. It would have ended up in biryani.

7. Big blunts would be called "vada pavs" instead of "fat sandwiches".

8. Robin would get a job at Times Now because she obviously knows how to give a good shout.

9. Barney would find Robin Sparkles' "viral" video on Scoop Whoop.

10. And her breakout hit would have been "Kaanta Laga".

11. Robin would have never seen Tony and Stella on the ferry because there would literally be hundreds of people on it.

12. Amitabh Bachchan would be Ted's future voice narrating the show.

13. The gang would go on a quest to find the best pani puri in Bombay.

14. Marshall and Ted would sit and watch people do the walk of shame after every Holi.

15. Instead of going to Love Solutions, Ted would have just created a profile on

16. The gang would give Lily an intervention for the excessive use of the word "bhenchod".


17. Lily would think Barney's doppelgänger was a chaiwala.

18. Barney and Robin's wedding would be aired over three seasons.

19. Robin's requirements to become a real Mumbaikar would be: crying on a local train, spotting a Khan, and killing a machchar with her bare hands.

20. Ted and Marshall would drive all the way to Pune to have some Burger King.

21. Ted would do a dandiya dance to try and make it rain.

22. And then he would do it again to make the goddamn rain stop.

23. Instead of laser tag, Barney would play Counter Strike.

24. The gang's doppelgängers would be Moonch-wala Marshall, Bar Dancer Lily, Kabbadi Champion Ted, "The Sexpert" Barney and...umm... Currently Incarcerated Robin.

25. Ted and Marshall would go for a concert to Delhi, and OBVIOUSLY, it would get cancelled.

26. Barney would be the brand ambassador for Raymond.


27. Robin would be forced to get Indian citizenship because India doesn't allow dual citizenship.

28. Instead of having a Storm Trooper in his apartment, Barney would have a life-size cutout of Rajnikanth.

29. Barney would think that Derek O'Brien was his father.

30. The gang would never figure out the fastest way to commute. Buses and trains would be too crowded, and no autowala would take any of them anywhere.

31. Marshall and Lily would never have to worry about finding out the sex of the baby.

32. Marshall would have a very hard time parting with the Maruti Zen he bought back in college.

33. Barney would keep insisting that Ted and Marshall accompany him for bro-only trips to Goa.

34. Marshall would eventually be elected as a judge at the Bombay High Court.

35. Barney would rent a rickshaw and try to pick up women.

36. But he would eventually get too caught up with driving a rickshaw and start rejecting everyone who wanted a ride.

37. Midway through the series, Barney would give up wearing suits on a daily basis because it is TOO DAMN HOT UP IN HERE.

38. Barney would have innumerable theories to calculate exactly when a hot girl becomes an aunty.

39. Barney and would Robin never get a divorce because log kya kahenge.

40. Ted would have lied to his kids about how he met their mother.

41. OR the entire show would be one episode because Ted gets an arranged marriage.