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    Sania Mirza Has Been Leaving Clues On Instagram That She’s Run Out Of Fucks To Give

    Yep, you got served.

    Sania Mirza is currently riding high as the women's doubles world number one, as well as enjoying an unbeatable 41 game streak with her partner Martina Hingis.

    And she documents her proudest moments on Instagram.

    If you read between the lines, you’ll find another deeper hidden message.

    She wants to tell you that she realllyyy, reallyyy, doesn't have time for your shit.

    And will not take your nonsensical small talk lightly.

    Sometimes, she doesn't even give one modicum of a fuck, and doesn't even use her own face.

    And always likes to clarify things when people aren't getting the goddamn hint.

    Seriously, she's begging you to take the hint.

    🙌 Follow her on Instagram here 🙌