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    Bangalore Has Just Voiced Its Opinion On Net Neutrality In India, And It's Hilarious

    "Even porn is going to go out? That's a problem, that shouldn't happen."

    As India's internet fiercely debates Net Neutrality, comedian Ustav Chakraborty decided to walk around Bangalore and ask random citizens for their thoughts on the contentious issue.

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    The internet users of India's tech capital claim that they use the internet for various activities including gaming, torrents, booking reservations, shopping, and for general surfing and communication purposes.

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    While some respondents weren't clear on what Net Neutrality is...

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    ... Most strongly believed it is worth preserving.

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    One person believed that the threats to India's Net Neutrality "calls for rebellions," while another said that this would be a "good motive to commit suicide one day," and yet another said that "it's basic freedom that they're taking away."

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    This guy was pissed that talking away net neutrality could affect porn.

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    Chakraborty then quickly explained the toootally simple steps set up by the government via which citizens could express their opinions on Net Neutrality.

    Nope. Nope. Nope.

    This dude is an engineer and even he couldn’t understand them.

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    Teewe / Via

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