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17 Companions Every '90s Desi Kid Grew Up With

Blast from the past, indeed.

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1. You couldn't help but spend your entire pocket money trying to collect as many Pokémon cards as possible.

2. You couldn't wait to open a packet of Magic Masala or Pudhina Punch just to find the Tazos at the bottom of the packet.

3. Diwali was all about shooting these guns, and you felt totally badass while doing so.

90s Childhood Memories / Via

4. Class was way more fun when you just pointed this at things all day.

Laser Pointer Forums / Via

5. You spent hours playing UNO cards, and friendships were ended because of this card.

6. And you definitely bought all the updated versions of these trump cards that came out.

Even if they came out the next week.

7. This is the best gum you've ever had in your life, only because of the groovy temporary tattoos that came along with them.

8. No Gameboy can compare to this piece of your childhood.

9. No matter how ridiculous this game was, you wouldn't give up before getting all the rings round the poles.


10. And this was one of your best friends growing up.

11. People would always marvel at the army of G.I. Joes you had in your room.

12. Your mum definitely yelled at you for all "these stupid cars" taking up space in your house.

And of course you used every waking moment to build these courses all over your house.

13. Someone always cheated at Hungry Hungry Hippos by sitting on the slanted side.

14. Everyone's little sister had at least a couple of these.

15. Everyone took the time off to play some Ludo or some Snakes and Ladders with the family.

16. This packet was all you needed to have hours of fun.

17. And of course, the game we could never leave behind.