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    PETA India CEO Faces Sexual Harassment And Threats For Condemning Bull-Taming As Sport

    Once again, a woman had an opinion, and Twitter trolls chose to issue rape threats in place of a polite "I disagree".

    Recently, PETA India has been working to stop the abuse of bulls involved in "Jallikattu," a bull-taming sport that takes place in Tamil Nadu.

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    PETA India CEO Poorva Joshipura has been tweeting her condemnations of the sport.

    And several people, in defence of the sport, have levied sexual harassment and threats of sexual violence at her.

    Joshipura opened up about the experience in an email to BuzzFeed:

    "Only pathetic, pitiful men enjoy being bullies and harming others, whether the victims are animals, children, or women. It's not surprising that many of the same men who find enjoyment in tormenting a vulnerable bull also treat women with abuse and disrespect. These are clearly men who weren't taught kindness and respect for others as boys, but it's never too late to learn. I will be informing the police about those who are abusive, and who never learned how to have an adult discussion, to help them along on this necessary journey."

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