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11 Things You 100% Need To Know If You're Going To Watch Coldplay In Mumbai

Bags, handbags and backpacks aren't allowed. Also you shouldn't carry cash 'cause you have to use a card provided by them.

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1. The doors officially open at 10 A.M. and the performances start at 1:30 P.M.


BUT since this is Mumbai, and literally half the population is going to be there, you should have already left your house and camped outside the venue.

3. You won't be allowed to move from one zone to another, 'cause they basically want you to be pals with everyone in your zone.

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Which is fair, it's approx an eight-hour concert, you're going to make lifelong friendships.


Here are the items that are allowed:

- Cellphones

- Ear plugs

- Fanny packs

- Hats

- Small beach towels

- Sunblock

- Sunglasses


10. Furthermore, you can recharge the card, but if there's anything left, you don't get it back. It all goes to charity.

Which is cool and all, but I am poor AF. Especially after spending money on these tickets.