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27 Things No One Prepares You For When You Leave India

"Can I get that extra, extra, extra spicy please?" -You ordering anything.

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1. First things first: You may love the food the rest of the world has to offer, but you'll miss ghar ka khaana more than you could've imagined.

And there's just no replacing it.

4. You'll constantly crave hot, sweet cutting chai and no "Chai Tea Latte" will satisfy you.

Shout-out to the chaiwalla down the street back home <3


10. The "authentic" Indian made alcohol that they sell abroad will never taste as good as the same thing does at home.


12. In fact, no one will feel as passionately about cricket as you do, leaving you watching important matches alone in your room / with your two other brown friends.


"Let's catch the game today?"

"Sure, the Lakers are playing, right?"

"I meant India-Sri Lanka..."


14. You're going to have refine your driving skills, because they actually have rules in other countries.

22. And you'll find creative ways to celebrate anyway.

27. And you'll take constant solace in the fact that your insane, chaotic, wonderful country is always ready and waiting for you to come home.