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    NewsX Took Another Joke By Tanmay Bhat Seriously, And Twitter Just Can't Handle It

    "How utterly daft are you, NewsX?"

    If you haven’t been watching the news lately, a Snapchat story by All India Bakchod co-founder and comedian Tanmay Bhat has become a national news event.

    Tanmay Bhat

    In the video, Bhat used Snapchat’s face-swap filters to simulate a conversation between Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar, featuring the legends dissing one another. It was titled “Sachin vs. Lata Civil War”.

    And while every news channel has made this story the focus of the day, NewsX published a story based on this tweet by Bhat.

    The tweet was obviously meant to be a joke, but the fact that NewsX has decided to report it as a serious statement made by Bhat, has Indian Twitter in splits.

    Hey NewsX,


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