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17 Simple Pleasures That Will Make Any Indian's Day

Stepping out of your house, and getting a rickshaw driver that is willing to take you wherever you want to go.

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1. When you're walking down the street on a hot day, and there's no line at the kulfi walla.

2. Travelling during peak hours, and not getting caught in any traffic.

(Which means you'll actually reach on time, for once.)


5. When you step out of your house, and you find a whole line of rickshaws WILLING to take you wherever you want to go.

7. Finding a window seat on an otherwise crowded train.

8. Or better still, getting an entire compartment to yourself.

Although, this will probably never occur during rush hours.


9. Filling your stomach on the best street food for under 20 bucks.

11. Going out for a chai, and your chaiwala makes all of the day's frustrations go away by getting it just right.

15. A meetha paan after a heavy dinner.