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26 Relatable Facts About Going To An All-Boys School In India

Football > girls.

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1. Getting dressed was NBD.


'Cause it was the same thing everyday.

2. But when you got home at the end of the day, this is basically how you looked.

3. There was no lack of obscene jokes.

4. Everybody had some sort of nickname, and frankly, you can barely remember what anyone's real name is.

5. Whenever a girl from a neighbouring school walked by, everyone instantaneously lost their minds.

6. Unless, of course, if there was a game of football or cricket on. In those cases, no one would bat an eyelid.

7. You're well-versed with "softies" and the "lift rule".

8. And let’s not forget about keeping your nipples protected at all times.

9. his class happened after everyone already knew everything there was to know, but was hilarious anyway because of the Q and A session.

"Umm, ma'am, what's a blow job?"

"Umm, ma'am, what's a blow job?"

10. When you played in a sports team, you felt like warriors preparing for battle.

11. And you would walk down the halls like this every time you came back victorious.

12. Of course it didn't matter if you played for your school team or not, a game could happen anywhere.

13. Massive fist-fights broke out for the teeniest tiniest of reasons.


"What did you say about my lunch box?!?!"

14. Although, more often than not, this is what the “fight” would actually look like.

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15. And it was a unspoken rule that no one should rat on anyone.

16. There was always that one kid who reminded the teacher that there was another chapter to do, when class was five minutes away from getting done.

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17. You were extremely uncomfortable with certain acts of affection from your classmates.

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Although you now realise how ridiculous those notions were.

18. There was always that one hot teacher that everyone had a crush on.

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19. And regardless of your pathetic attendance records, no one bunked her class.

20. You got really good at covering for each other through the “collective guy lie”.

21. Tuitions were actually the best, and you attended them primarily because it gave you a chance to interact with girls.

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22. Burping wasn't a big deal, and you never really had to control yourself.


In fact, you leaped at any opportunity to show off how good you were at it.

23. You're practically a champ at tying a tie.

24. And sure, there were days you wished there were more girls around...

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25. ... But you're glad to have so many dude friends who know every ridiculous, goofy, and meaningful thing about you.

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26. And that's why, after all this time, you'd still give anything to go back.

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Bros for life.