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This Unique World Cup Scoreboard Counted The Number Of Lives Lost In India And Pakistan Since 1947

"When lives are lost, no one wins."

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But there was a slight catch with these scoreboards.


As the match started, India batted first, and when the first wicket fell, the tally for India displayed a 1.

But a few minutes after that, the tally rose to 2, without a wicket falling. And in no time, the same thing happen to the Pakistan counter. Until finally, after the match ended, this is what the counter read: India scored 0 for a loss of 546030, and Pakistan scored 0 for the loss of 546228.

When the match ended, the real purpose of the scoreboards was revealed.


The board read, “When lives are lost, no one wins." The numbers on the boards reflected the number of lives that have been lost in both nations due to wars fought between them since 1947.

You can watch a video of the moving spectacle here:

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