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    3 Feb 2015

    19 Things That Wouldn't Get Past The Indian Censor Board If They Were Released Today

    It's a good thing we have so many guardians of Indian culture to protect us, the impressionable Indian youth, from being corrupted and misled. (Much like Indian culture, this post is very NSFW.)

    1. This temple in Madhya Pradesh.

    2. Or this PG-13 temple.

    3. Or this one.

    4. Definitely this one.

    5. Oh and, uh.

    6. Seriously, what is this obscenity?

    7. I mean, c'mon.

    8. How is this appropriate?

    9. It's not.

    10. Arrest these insolent youths immediately.

    11. These are marks of shame on our pure, modest culture.

    12. Some today would balk at this painting depicting a scene from the Kama Sutra.


    13. They would say this one "is not only ruining the clean image of the Indian culture & women..."

    14. "... but is also misleading today’s youth."

    15. This play-by-play shouldn't be allowed to be seen by anyone, because, sex.

    16. This is an abomination.

    17. And this should be shut down immediately before besmirching ancient and pure Indian culture further.

    18. Seems like all of them should be.

    19. Glad the censor board is protecting us all.