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Kalki's Powerful New Video Mocks Magazines, Newspapers And Social Media

Also, it's freaking beautifully done.

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Actor, writer and thespian Kalki Koechlin, in association with women's lifestyle channel Blush, just released a self-written poem on YouTube, entitled "The Printing Machine".

The satirical piece mocks the daily workings of traditional media, broadsheets, magazines, and social media.

In the video, Kalki addresses how today's media focuses on juicy headlines and articles without any forethought of context.

And the pitfalls of how obsessed we are with technology.

The poem is masterfully juxtaposed on Kalki's body while snippets of real-life magazine covers and newspaper headlines flash across the screen.

"I'm not slamming the media, I'm making an observation on how hungry we are for shock and horror. And I have used poetry before, like the monologue I did at India today, I like expressing with words and performance," Kalki told BuzzFeed.

Watch the video here:

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