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    Indian Engineering Student Joined ISIS But Returned Home After Jihadis Made Him Clean Toilets

    Areeb Majeed reportedly admitted that he was kept on the sidelines by the militant group, and made to perform menial tasks that didn't live up to his expectations of the job.

    As reported by NDTV, Areeb Majeed, a 23-year-old from Mumbai, was not allowed to fight in war zones when he travelled to Iraq to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group.


    He is reported to have told interrogators that he was one of four men who travelled from Kalyan, Mumbai, to fight for ISIS, but found himself assigned to menial labour jobs like cleaning toilets and working on construction sites. NDTV also said that the men accompanying Majeed were made to work as a car mechanic, at an electronics department, and as an accountant respectively.

    Majeeb flew back from Turkey to Mumbai on Friday, and was arrested the following day.


    Since then, NDTV said, he has been under extensive interrogation by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), India's premier counter-terrorism agency, at a still-undisclosed location.

    According to the Press Trust of India, Majeed told NIA officers that he had been kept on the sidelines by the jihadis, who only ordered him to perform such menial tasks as fetching water and cleaning toilets.

    His return back to India came after he called his family after an unexplained bullet wound, which he wasn't getting any medical treatment for, the agency said. "Only after I begged them, I was taken to a hospital," he was quoted as saying by NIA officers. "There was neither a holy war nor any of the preachings in the holy book were followed." He was then moved to Turkey for treatment, where he managed to call his parents and pleaded to come home.

    "I was studying engineering but lost interest and began thinking about Islamic countries that followed the Shariat," Majeed reportedly said.

    According to the investigators, Majeed learned about the conflict between Palestine and Israel while surfing the internet, and, along with the three other men, contacted a woman named Tahira Bhatt on Facebook who claimed to be a recruiter for ISIS, NDTV said. She then instructed them to fly down to Iraq and told them representatives would meet them there.

    Once there, they were trained in combat and were taught how to use AK-47s and other weapons. Majeed alleged that despite clearing various oral and written tests, they were still not allowed to join in the fighting. Majeed also claimed that the other men he travelled with are alive.

    Since his arrest and interrogation Majeed has reportedly provided information to NIA officers about the identities of his handlers as well as the local contacts that helped him in Iraq. "Majeed was grilled for several hours on Sunday, after which he revealed the names of his handlers and the local contacts who radicalised him and his three other friends here, and helped them fly to Iraq. We are verifying his claims and are trying to locate these local contacts," said an NIA official. However, the officer is refusing to release the names that were given up, stating that it would affect the investigation.

    As reported by dna, some scientific tests will be conducted to see if the NIA can extract more information from Majeed.

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