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This Astronaut Tweeted Pictures Of A Lightning Storm In India From Space

Lightning storms look way better from space, tbh.

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A few days ago, Terry W. Virts, NASA astronaut and Colonel in the United States Air Force, tweeted a Vine of a massive lightning storm over India.

Massive lightning storm over #India. A majestic performance that inspires awe and respect. #SpaceVine

His Vines stretch across Delhi, Ahmedabad, and all the way through Chennai.

#India sparkles from #Delhi and #Ahmedabad all the way to #Chennai. #SpaceVine

This #Namethe city in #India caught my eye. Click to see which city is shown here.

Bright city lights from Chennai #India.

While he's up there, Virts also gives us a look at the Ganga from space.

As well as showing us the Indian coast line.

Moonlit clouds over southeast #India coastline, with Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

Guy, space is so damn awesome.