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    Indians Are Protesting Child Marriage With The Hashtag #StrengthToSayNo

    The campaign started as a fight against child marriage but has evolved into a fight against various social issues.

    Penguin Random House, collaborated with Better India, to start a campaign in which people hold up placards, saying why they need the #StrengthToSayNo.

    The campaign was inspired by an 11-year-old girl named Rekha Kalindi, who said no when she was being forced by her parents into a child marriage.

    Although, initially the campaign focused on the issue of child marriage...

    ... People started using the hashtag to address other social issues that plague India, including women's safety and homophobia.

    The campaign swiftly gained traction, and people from all across the country began tweeting about all the things that need to change in India.

    Tweet what you stand against ! Let's have the #StrengthToSayNo @PenguinIndia

    #strengthtosayno to stigma around mental diseases. @PenguinIndia @thebetterindia #RekhaKalindi

    Because I don't want to hate my body when I look in the mirror, no matter how I look. #StrengthToSayNo

    @PenguinIndia When a man forces himself upon his wife,does the fact of marriage reduces the gravity of abuse? #StrengthToSayNo ToMaritalRape

    #Strengthtosayno to honour killings. @thebetterindia @PenguinIndia

    Penguin Random House has published Rekha Kalindi's story in a book called The Strength To Say No. They told BuzzFeed India:

    "Rekha Kalindi's story The Strength To Say No is one of courage and defiance in the face of incredible odds. We hope through this campaign we spread word about her as well as raise awareness of the plight of girls in her situation. They may not be in the space to raise their voices against child marriage, but we hope this campaign encourages the people of our nation to do so on their behalf."

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