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    Posted on 24 Nov 2014

    Here's What Happens When You Combine Vintage Indian Artwork And Modern Feminist Commentary

    A brilliant, brilliant comic series.

    Royal Existentials, a weekly webcomic series uses Indian vintage artwork and reimagines them to portray modern angst about social and feminist issues.


    Artist and film maker Aarthi Parthasarathy started creating these illustrations after coming across David Malki's comic, Wondermark. In an email to BuzzFeed she said, "I remember thinking then, 'Someone should do an Indian version!'."

    Aarthi went on to explain that her life as a film maker is often busy and stressful, but she decided that she would make time for fun personal projects.


    "Recently my friend, Chaitanya Krishnan and I started Falana Dimka Films (Falana Dimka means etcetera, etcetera) a small film and animation studio in Bangalore. We also decided that aside from work, we'd make time for fun personal projects. So a few months ago, while reading Wondermark again (we trawl webcomics regularly at our studio, we love them), the idea came back to me and I made one strip."

    When asked why she decided to continue making more of these strips, Aarthi replied saying, "The response has been great! And the artwork...Well, it's beautiful vintage art."


    "We don't create it, it exists in the public domain. But the juxtaposition of these images, the opulent settings with very social and feminist commentary is what appeals to people, I guess. I just really enjoy writing these rants."

    So far there are 12 parts to the series, and Aarthi releases a new one every Friday.

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