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    Posted on 9 Jun 2016

    Ileana D’Cruz And Lauren Gottlieb Perfectly Shut Down An Instagram Hater With This Badass Conversation

    Bollywood actress aren't as catty as tabloids would have you believe.

    Actress Lauren Gottlieb recently Instagrammed this photo of her with the best dressed men at the GQ Best Dressed Man Awards 2016.

    Well, unsurprisingly, a troll decided to comment saying that they hate "girls who tan themselves to look Indian".

    But Ileana D'cruz was quick to defend her fellow actress replying to the commenter saying, "Don't necessarily use your words to try and offend or insult someone".

    Str / AFP / Getty Images

    Which opened the flood gates for the other people to support D'Cruz and Gottlieb.

    Gottlieb thanked D’Cruz, who explained that she "couldn't sit back and listen to bullshit like that".

    Keep the love flowing, you guys.

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