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    Here's What Happened At India's Largest Ever Rally In Support Of Transgender Citizens

    More than 1,000 people from India's LGBT community came out to support the transgender community, and also to thank the government for progress that's already been made when it comes to transgender rights.

    On January 14, over a thousand members of India's transgender community participated in the Pink Rally in Mumbai.

    Kinnar Maa Samajik Sanstha Trust

    The aim of the rally was to create a unified effort in order to spread the message of equality in all forms, and also to thank the Indian government for recognising transgender citizens as belonging to a third gender.

    The rally was held at August Kranti Maidan, with many people dressed in different hues of pink, and many non-transgender members of the LGBT community present to show their support.

    The event was organised by the Kinnar Maa Samajik Sanstha Trust, along with other organisations that have been advocating for equal rights for members of the transgender community.

    Kinnar Maa Samajik Sanstha Trust

    "We have been trying to conduct the rally since 2010, and now finally, in 2015, we did it," Shreya Reddy, the Program Manager at Kinnar Maa Trust, explained in an email to BuzzFeed.

    "Our main aim in doing this is to prompt the government to construct a shelter home for transgender people who are living with HIV/Aids, and for elderly members of our community, as well as the handicapped hijra," she explained.

    Kinnar Maa Samajik Sanstha Trust

    "More than a thousand people were in attendance, and we also maintained a few moments of silence for those people that died due to HIV related ailments," she continued.

    "We want to receive a separate ashram for the hijra community members, equal opportunity in mainstream society, help for disabled, elderly and HIV positive members, and this is first time that the hijra community came together in such big numbers," Reddy said.

    She also added that she would like to thank the Mumbai Police for their support during the rally.

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