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    Here's The Story Behind India's First And Largest All-Women Motorcycle Group

    "Getting on the roads wasn't the biggest challenge, the challenge was ignoring the catcalls, the chases and the doubts from people."

    This is Urvashi Patole, a motorcycle enthusiast, and founder of Bikerni – India's first and largest all-female motorcycle group.

    Urvashi Patole

    Bikerni was started in 2011 with the purpose of empowering women who like to ride bikes, and so Patole started a Facebook group to get in touch with like-minded women across the country.

    Urvashi Patole

    "Today, we have more than 16 chapters across various cities and 800 members. We conduct two rides and meet in every city chapter monthly, and meet up annually for our anniversary celebrations and for "International Female Ride Day" in May," Patole told BuzzFeed

    Facebook featured Patole as part of Facebook Stories, an initiative that highlighted seven women around the world for International Women’s Day.

    Facebook: urvashipatole

    "When I first got contacted by Facebook, I thought it was unreal and did not respond for a month at-least. They told me that I have been chosen for my role in using Facebook to make the world a more equal place for other women. The team at FB Stories researched women who used the platform to grow a community and inspire women in their country to be empowered."

    Patole told BuzzFeed that she first rode a motorcycle at the age of 14. It was her cousin’s Pulsar.

    Urvashi Patole

    Patole has been riding for 13 years. "Getting on the roads wasn’t the biggest challenge," she said. "The challenge was ignoring the catcalls, the chases and the doubts from people."

    She started off as a stunt biker. “I broke a couple of bones and now I race professionally on dirt and love touring across the countryside.”

    Urvashi Patole

    Patole experienced a head injury in an accident in June, 2012. “The monsoon had made the paths slippery. When I slipped and went sliding on a curve and then was still for sometime, my biking buddies thought I was dead. The only thing that saved me was my complete riding gears and my helmet. I suffered a concussion, temporary memory loss and a mid-line shift of my brain. The neurologist asked my parents to never let me near a bike again because I would never live through another impact on my head,” Patole told BuzzFeed.

    By that August, Patole was back on her best friend’s Honda Activa and by September, she was on a road trip to Madhya Pradesh with another biker named Sheetal.

    "My parents didn’t or couldn’t stop me because I had conveyed to them that this was my life, my passion and that I would wither away without it. I am still riding today and have won three dirt track championships. Mental strength encompasses everything else."

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