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Twitter Momentarily Lost Its Shit Thinking Ranveer & Deepika Are Getting Engaged

Apparently there's more than one Deepika in the world.

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This morning, Hema Malini tweeted out congratulations and best wishes to Deepika on her engagement.

Deepika, All good wishes on ur engagement! Pray God both of u have a bright future, happiness & joy in ur life together

But it's not the Deepika you're thinking about.

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She, of course, clarified later on who she was talking about.

No no! This is Deepika who is following me on Twitter! Not Ms Padukone!

But Twitter being Twitter, it was already too late.

Which Deepika ? 😳 plz tell 😱 is it our Mastani ? 😱😱

The flood gates had already been opened.


@dreamgirlhema What?! @deepikapadukone got engaged?? :O @RanveerOfficial !! Did you pop the question? #Excited #favebollywoodcouple

And after Malini's clarification, people still couldn't handle it.

What if d "DEEPIKA" Hema Malini ws talkng abt gt engaged to someone whos name ws "RANVEER" n congratulated him too! that wud hv bn EPIC!πŸ˜‚