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    Guys, Rahul Gandhi Literally Has Just One Kurta And He Wears It Everywhere

    OOTD all day, errday.

    One question: Have you ever seen Rahul Gandhi wearing any kurta other than this one?

    The answer is no. You have not.

    Don't believe me? Let me back this astute observation with some evidence.

    Exhibit A: Here's what Google Images shows you when you search for "Rahul Gandhi".

    Exhibit B: Here is a Getty search for "Rahul Gandhi".

    Exhibit C: Here he is in 2012, 2011, and in 2006. And in all the pictures, weird headgear notwithstanding, he's wearing the same kurta.

    In fact, his signature style statement is present as early as 2004.

    SO there you go. Rahul Gandhi has one kurta.

    Sometimes he mixes it up.

    But in the end: It all comes back to this one kurta.

    Well, at least he's happy.

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