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    Posted on 8 Oct 2015

    11 Of The Most Gender-Progressive Things That Have Already Happened In India In 2015

    It gets better.

    1. When India got its first transgender mayor.

    NDTV / Via

    On Jan. 4, Madhu Kinnar made history by becoming India’s first transgender mayor in Chhattisgarh’s Raigarh Municipal Corporation.

    2. And when it received its first transgender college principal.

    Deshakalyan Chowdhury / Getty Images

    In May, Manabi Bandopadhyay was appointed the principal of Krishnagar Women’s College in West Bengal, making her the first transgender principal in India.

    3. When Titan Fastrack had a campaign designed to break down gender stereotypes.

    Fastrack / Via

    The #SorryForWhat campaign had billboards all around Mumbai, during December and January, promoting that everyone had the right, no matter what gender, to live their lives the way they want to.

    4. When Mumbai had its largest-ever rally in support of transgender citizens.

    Kinnar Maa Samajik Sanstha Trust

    More than 1,000 people from India’s LGBT community came out to support the transgender community, and also to thank the government for progress that’s already been made when it comes to transgender rights.

    5. When a Mumbai daily published India's first gay matrimonial ad.

    Harish Iyer

    Harish Iyer, a Mumbai-based gay rights activist, tried to get a gay matrimonial ad placed in various English publications in Mumbai, until finally getting it published in Mid-Day.

    6. When Patna hired its first transgender bank professional.


    7. When the Delhi High Court ordered that a transgender man who was trapped here by his parents be allowed to return home to the U.S.

    8. When the West Bengal government requested the Kolkata police to recruit transgender individuals in their Civic Police Volunteer Force.

    Dibyangshu Sarkar / AFP / Getty Images

    The request was made in order to end the “stigma” and “discrimination” against the transgender community.

    9. When Bollywood released more female-led blockbusters than in any other year.

    Eros International
    Eros International
    Yash Raj Films

    10. When India's first lesbian ad in which two partners are shown getting ready to meet each other's parents garnered overwhelming support online.

    11. And when an Allahabad High Court ordered the Uttar Pradesh government to provide for inclusion of third-gender candidates in Panchayat elections.

    Anna Zieminski / AFP / Getty Images

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