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Frank Miller And Scott Snyder Plan To Release A Third Instalment Of "The Dark Knight" Comic Book Series

The story will focus on Carrie Kelley, the Robin from The Dark Knight Returns.

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Every Batman fan out there will admit that Frank Miller's, The Dark Knight Returns is a seminal work in Batman's long history.

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Often cited as one of the greatest graphic novels of all time, The Dark Knight Returns was written by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson in 1986, and focusing on a much older Bruce Wayne, and his return to the cape and cowl after a long retirement. The novel was then followed up by Miller's The Dark Knight Strikes Again, published in 2001.

Almost 15 years later, according to Bleeding Cool, Miller is in talks to pen a third instalment of the Dark Knight series.

Reportedly, Miller plans to work on the the third part with Scott Snyder, the current writer of DC Comic's monthly Batman title. Snyder has worked on critically acclaimed story arcs in the New 52, like Court of the Owls, Death of the Family, and Zero Year.

This time around Carrie Kelly, who played Robin the The Dark Knight Returns, will play the central role.

DC Comics

She would be much older than she was in the previous instalment, and will have taken over as Gotham's protector, while also searching for her own successor during the course of the book.

Bleeding Cool also reports that as Miller is too ill to illustrate the book, new artists will be brought in, and that Snyder wants the title to be a stand alone, much like Sandman Overture.