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Flipkart Sent An Extremely Sexist Email To All Its Users, And Here's Their Apology

"Research shows that beautiful women are more successful in their lives," the email said.

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On Saturday, Twitter user Richa Kaul Padte tweeted a screenshot of an email she received from Flipkart, calling out its sexist implications.

Thanks for this piece of sexist shit email @Flipkart

The email asserted that "beautiful" women are more successful, respected, listened to, and confident, especially if they improve their appearance by dressing well.

Following Padte’s tweet, several others were similarly outraged:

@hirishitalkies @Flipkart Wow. I just threw up wow.

@hirishitalkies @Flipkart Wow... who writes your copy? Someone from 1827?

@hirishitalkies @Flipkart wow. that's some serious boat load of crap.

@hirishitalkies @flipkart Arghh, that's stupid.

@hirishitalkies WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? @Flipkart

After the tweet began to gain traction, Flipkart issued an apology to Padte:

@hirishitalkies, thanks for bringing this to our notice. We do not endorse the content of this email. We will investigate this & take action

And Punit Soni, Chief Product Officer at Flipkart replied as well:

@hirishitalkies @Flipkart follow up: Team is coming in tomorrow with review details, next steps: make changes so this doesn't happen again

BuzzFeed tried getting in touch with Punit Soni, but hasn't received a response yet.