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    28 Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Visit India

    It's not worth it.

    1. If anyone's ever told you that India is a beautiful place to vacation, they lied. It's horrible.

    2. Seriously, it's just the worst. Just look at this totally disgusting sunset.

    3. Just look at this ugly ass fort.

    4. And this totally ugly valley.

    5. Who would ever want to see something like this?

    6. I'm pretty sure lakes aren't supposed to look this gross.

    7. India should really up its game when it comes to beauty.

    8. There are definitely better views in this world than this.

    9. I mean, look at this sky. Where's the majestic blue?

    10. It's not like India has any great architectural wonders either.

    11. There are at least six wonders of the world that are more beautiful than this shit.

    12. And don't get me started on the beaches.

    13. Yeah, this is just disgusting.

    14. And how about this unattractive site?

    15. How about this one?

    16. How can anyone appreciate a sunset in a place so ugly?

    17. They can't.

    18. I'm feeling kind of sick just looking at this horrible, horrible country.

    19. There's no majestic wildlife to speak of either tbh.

    20. Look at this random cat, that's totally there in every continent, lazying around.

    21. Look at this completely unattractive blue city.

    22. Like what is this even?

    23. Never ever going there.

    24. Never.

    25. Ever.

    26. And why should you?

    27. You have no reason to go.

    28. Nope, none whatsoever.