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    Everything You Need To Know About India's Creepiest, Most Elusive Serial Killer, "Dr. Death"

    Santosh Pol killed six people between 2003 and 2016. He was finally arrested last week, and sent a letter from prison to the Superintendent of Police, congratulating the cops for his own arrest. Congrats on never sleeping again!

    This is Santosh Pol, a 41-year-old man from Dhom village of the Satara district in Maharashtra, who is allegedly the serial killer known as "Doctor Death".

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    According to Mid-Day, Pol lived in a small rental house in the Wai Taluka of Satara, but has an ancestral home in Ghom. Back home in his village, local people knew him as a "doctor" and an "anti-corruption activist". Pol has a wife, who allegedly left him and ran away with their two-year-old daughter. He also has a nine-year-old son. He used to earn his livelihood by working alongside his siblings on their family farm.

    Pol allegedly committed six murders between 2003 and August 2016. According to police statements he killed two men and four women.

    A Mid-Day report stated how Pol allegedly killed each of his victims:

    Kisan Chikane (2003): Pol killed Chikane by hitting her on the head and then he buried the body near his ancestral house in Dhom village.

    Vanita Narhari Gaikwad (2006): Gaikwad interacted with her because she was a patient of his. She was reportedly hit on the head as well, but it was never confirmed because her body was never recovered.

    Janabai Pol (2010): She was Pol's relative and once again Pol continued his MO, and hit her over the head, killing her. This was allegedly due to a property dispute. He buried the body, and planted a tree over her grave, presumably to cover it up.

    Salma Shaikh (2016): Shaikh was a nurse who many suspected of having an affair with Pol. This was reportedly a heat of passion murder because she was cheating on him with local Nathmal Bhandari. He killed both the merchant and Shaikh by anaesthesia overdose and buried both their bodies on his farm plot.

    Nathmal Bhandari (2015): He was killed because of his alleged affair with Shaikh.

    Mangala Jedhe (2016): Pol had multiple interactions with Jedhe, and allegedly lured her to his farm house with the promise of providing financial support for her unborn child. Pol killed her by lethal injection of anaesthesia, and she was buried at his farm house.

    "Pol confessed to committing multiple murders during interrogation in the case of 47-year-old Jedhe's death, following which police exhumed four bodies, apart from Jedhe's, from his farmhouse last night," Superintendent of Police Sandip Patil told PTI.

    According to statements made by the police, Pol was aided by Jyoti Mandre, a nurse who he was allegedly having an affair with. Together the two of them "kidnapped Jedhe and killed her by administering a lethal injection". They later buried her near Pol's farmhouse.

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    According to the Mid-Day report, Pol had built two pits – five to six feet deep — just next to the place where he allegedly buried four of his victims. "The probe team was shocked to find the two open pits," said the senior official. "When questioned, Pol admitted Jyoti was next. While investigating Jedhe’s disappearance, call data records showed us the last caller was Jyoti and we decided to call her for questioning," Sanjay Patil, superintendent of Satara police said in the report.

    He was arrested last week, and weirdly enough he sent cops from the Satara district of Maharashtra a hand written letter, on August 18, congratulating them for cracking the case. The note was reportedly addressed to Superintendent of Police Sandip Patil.

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    Pol, who was a practicing doctor (hence the nickname), praised Patil for catching him, stating, "If you ask me why I am doing all this, then the question should be asked to the corrupt officials from the (police) department and the dormant society between 2003 and 2016."

    In 2013, an assistant police inspector attached to the Wai police station, and who was responsible for looking into claims against Pol, mysteriously died in an accident.

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    "The API had initiated action against Pol's criminal activities and police suspect that Pol might have gotten him killed in that accident," Patil added. "Now, we will start investigating that case and see whether he (Pol) has anything to do with the accident," Patil said.

    "I took charge in June this year and got to know that Pol used to bring pressure on police officers by threatening them of going to anti-corruption bureau," he added.

    There is still no consensus on why Pol committed the murders. The police are still trying to find a motive behind each killing, and have stated that "Pol is not cooperating with the investigation."

    "In this act, which appears to be serial killings, there could be a different motive behind each murder. Prima facie, we feel gold was one of the motives," Special Inspector General of Police (Kolhapur range) Vishwas Nangre-Patil told The Indian Express.

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