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    Everyone's Mad At Myntra For Using Hindu Gods In An Ad... But Myntra Didn’t Even Do It

    A social media company created the image as part of a Facebook album months ago, but the flood gates of outrage against the shopping app had already been opened.

    Five months ago, media company Scroll Droll uploaded a Facebook album depicting Indian mythological figures using modern technology.

    One image in particular was of Lord Krishna using Myntra to buy a sari for Draupadi.

    Although the album was uploaded months ago, the Myntra illustration started making the rounds on Twitter in the wee hours of the morning, and outrage towards the app sparked almost instantly.

    This is not the right way to promote your products.Bad taste #BoycottMyntra

    People began uninstalling the app, and #BoycottMyntra quickly became one the highest trending topics in the country.

    After the trend skyrocketed, Myntra tweeted this:

    Scroll Droll took responsibility for the illustration and apologised for hurting sentiments.

    They even reiterated that Myntra had nothing to do with the artwork.

    Via Twitter: @ScrollDroll

    They even removed that particular image from their album.

    After a while sever users realised that the outrage was misdirected towards Myntra...

    But the flood gates had already been opened.

    The internet, amirite?


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