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    English Cricketer Kevin Pietersen Is Making A Young Indian Fan's Dreams Come True

    And, in the process, winning both our hearts and the internet.

    Rohan, a young Indian fan, sent a heartfelt letter to England cricketer Kevin Pietersen, asking him for one-on-one coaching.

    Via Facebook: kevinpietersen

    In the letter, Rohan explains that the one-on-one sessions with Pietersen are too expensive and although he's saved up some money, his family can't afford it. He goes on to say that he thinks that Pietersen is the best, and that he brings "swagger" to the game.

    Rohan doesn't live in Surrey, but says in his letter that he will fly down just for that one session. He also explains that he won't brag about it – he'll just be happy if Pietersen agrees to it.

    Via Facebook: kevinpietersen

    Upon receiving the adorable letter, Pietersen posted a picture of it on his Facebook, saying, "I received this letter at my signing session last night. I have never profited from a one-on-one. Only ever done them for charity but this letter touched me. I would be delighted to coach you at The Oval and I will organise all your transport so that it doesn't cost you a penny, Rohan!"

    God bless you, Kevin Pietersen. God bless you.

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