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Dev Patel's Reaction To Sunny Pawar At The Oscars Is The Most Pure Thing You'll Ever See

These two are too much to handle.

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Dev Patel is probably one of the most talked-about celebrities who attended the 89th Academy Awards. From looking dapper as hell to bringing his mom as his date, Dev had everyone doting on him.


And it wasn't just all everybody at home and the stars on the red carpet who were taken by the smol actor. Host Jimmy Kimmel decided to drop by Sunny's seat for an impromptu re-enactment of the iconic Simba scene from The Lion King.

I wasn't going to post this video of Jimmy Kimmel and Sunny Pawar... until Sunny yelled "LEMONHEADS AND MIKE AND IK…

Haha, geddit? Lion. The Lion King.

Here's hoping that there are many more red carpets, social events, awards ceremonies, or even just game-night get-togethers for these two buddies to make everyone's day better.


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